More About Me


Alex's drive and exuberance are apparent in both her professional and personal life. Over a decade of client-focused work has drawn her to the field of real estate, where she believes she can best put to use her goal-oriented attitude and problem-solving skills.

Alex is always ready for new challenges and new experiences, whether it's handling tricky paperwork or managing a full scale winery where she crushed grapes by hand.  No matter the work, she has always kept her focus on the most important thing: her client’s needs and satisfaction. She is dedicated to her clients and her community, declining corporate jobs so as to maintain the human connection in her work with both clients and staff.

Born in Seattle, Alex visited Boise several times per year throughout her childhood to visit family.  Once married, she happily settled in the Treasure Valley with her husband. 

She has a large and boisterous family that has taught her both love and debate in equal measure, negotiations and mediation being a necessity with so many individuals involved. In her personal time, she can be found pursuing her passions for reading and cooking. She is as likely to be curled up in a chair with a cat and a book as she is to be calling her family to the table to sample her latest culinary creation.